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The Scary Black Man trope as used in popular culture. In many series, there will be a character who is much larger and more intimidating than most everyone …

The ney Thieves is an urban legend about a college student who meets an attractive teen at a party. This stor is also known as “The ney Heist”, “The Organ Thieves” and “The Stolen neys”.

Have you ever watched a scary movie with a significant black character in it and prayed he or she didn’t die first?! Well, of course you have. But the black guy dies first stigma hasn’t always been the case for a few famous black actors and actresses who managed to smartly survive or butt-kick

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Apr 17, 2018 · He made his pitch on Monday’s show for a product that uses fear to get results: the FatBat. “No diet, no gimmicks, just a scary guy who follows you around with a bat,” Richter says. It does seem like it could work, but, personally, nothing’s scarier than seeing how few steps I’ve taken in

Scary Movie 5 is a 2013 American horror comedy film and the fifth installment in the Scary Movie franchise. It is the second film to be distributed by The Weinstein Company under the Dimension Films brand.

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The Scary Shiny Glasses trope as used in popular culture. These are definitely not mere Nerd Glasses, although they are sometimes mistaken for them at first …

Leonardo Cimino, Actor: Dune. Veteran little old man Italian character actor Leonardo Anthony Cimino steadily worked in both movies and …

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Why does the black guy always have to die first in horror movies? Well, sometimes he doesn’t. Here’s a list of horror movies where the black guy survives.

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Scary monsters, creepy cryptids and supernatural creatures. You’ve heard about monsters in movies and myths, but here’s the real thing. These true stories and spooky pictures of s with razor-sharp teeth, pointed claws and ravenous appetites will haunt your nightmares.